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What Your Eye Health Says About Your Risk of Dementia

A new study found a link between vision impairments and dementia risk in older adults. The study does not prove causation, but experts note that previous research has seen patients' cognitive function improve after improved eye health, so the correlation is worth considering. Experts recommend people prioritize regular eye care, …

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What Is 'Bed Rotting'? Gen Z's Newest Self-Care Trend, Explained

"Bed rotting," a new trend sweeping TikTok, involves staying in bed for extended periods of time—not to sleep, but to do passive activities. This trend is most popular among Generation Z who may feel burnt out from work, school, family demands, or social engagements. While bed rotting can benefit some …

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Aspartame: Uses, Facts, Risks

VidorHsu / getty images Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that’s approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar. It contains just four calories per gram and is commonly used in diet drinks and low-calorie foods. Many people use aspartame in place of caloric sweeteners as a way to cut back on calories and …

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