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Foodie Friday: Peet's Coffee

Flavorful coffee thats good for me and doesnt harm the Earth in the process? Ill take it! Its nice to know not only where your coffee beans are coming from and how they were produced, but also how your purchase benefits the lives of the small-scale farmers growing them. Peets …

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Annie's Bunny Crunch Honey

Category: Breakfast crunch cereal Crunch factor: Slightly less than a solid crunch Taste: We dove into this puffed whole wheat, toasted oat, and corn cereal with expectations of a guilt-free, grown-up Cap'n Crunch. Alas, our inner children made pouty faces when the puffed whole wheat deflated in milk and the …

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Three Sisters Find Kidney Donor for Dad Using Craigslist

The Craigslist ad was short and to the point: “Please Help Us, My Dad Needs a Kidney!” Jennifer Flood, 30, and her sisters (her twin Cynthia and older sibling Heather, 32) posted the message on Craigslist in a desperate attempt to find a someone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: …

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