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The Surprising Thing That Might Mess Up Your Blood Pressure Reading

Using incorrectly sized blood pressure cuffs can lead to significantly inaccurate blood pressure readings, especially for individuals with larger arms, new research shows. Incorrect blood pressure readings can result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment decisions, researchers said. It's crucial to consider arm size when choosing a cuff and to follow …

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People With Type 2 Diabetes May Want to Avoid These Kinds of Foods—Even if They're 'Healthy'

New research found that higher consumption of ultra-processed foods is associated with higher cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality in people with type 2 diabetes. This was the case even if a person’s diet seemed nutritionally balanced and healthy. Experts note that the processing of food often contains additional, non-nutritional factors like …

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Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills 3 in Northeast—What We Know So Far

Health officials in Connecticut and New York are warning of a rare bacterial infection from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria found in both states. Three people have died—two in Connecticut and one in New York—after contracting Vibrio vulnificus infections (vibriosis). While anyone can become infected, people who have underlying conditions or …

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