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Brooke Shields on Beauty, Marriage, And Self-Esteem

Andrew EcclesFrom Health magazineModel, movie star, TV actress, Broadway performer, and children's book author Brooke Shields continues her conversation with Health about aging, raising children, and growing up Bohemian. Q: You may be 43, but you look 23, so clearly youre doing something right. Whats the rest of your skin …

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Despite 3 Deaths in Detroit Race, Runner Fatalities Rare, Experts Say

Three runners collapsed and died during the Detroit Marathon on Sunday. Although that news is shocking and frightening for runners and non-runners alike, such deaths are rare, experts say. “Among young people, high school and college athletes, theres one death in about every 200,000 people [during exercise in general],” says …

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How to Get Free Help With Your Medical Bills

IstockphotoMore than 60% of U.S. bankruptcies are ultimately caused by mounting medical bills. Before a major health issue spirals into a personal financial disaster, consider getting help. Medical companies, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations have programs that can help you cut costs. For instance, drug companies typically offer free or discounted …

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