'Curvy Wife' Influencer Says Breastfeeding Struggles Made Her Feel 'Helpless' in Relatable Post

Influencer Sarah Tripp (aka “curvy wife”) is at it again, giving her followers an in-depth look at the realities—both good and bad—of motherhood.

In a new Instagram post, Tripp, who goes by Sassy Red Lipstick, opened up about the struggles she’s faced while trying to breastfeed her six-week-old son, Taz.

“How can something so incredibly beneficial and special also be so frustrating at times?,” she wrote. “I’ve been nursing my beautiful boy for nearly six weeks now… and then earlier this week my milk supply dropped dramatically.”

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She continued to explain that she could tell Taz was still hungry after he was fed. However, when she tried to pump, she got “just a few drops.”

“It was a sharp change from the endless milk factory i felt like the past month,” she continued. “It was so frustrating and heartbreaking to feel like I was helpless in feeding my little babe.”

While she did acknowledge that “formula is an option,” she explained that it is an “emotional decision” as she is just “not ready to let go of this precious bonding time between me and him.”

“When I could barely get any milk I cried and I got frustrated and I felt sorry for myself for a bit,” she added. Instead of attempting to deal with the emotional stress on her own, she explains that she reached out to others—including her “lady tribe,” her husband, and an online resource offering virtual consults, who helped her “come up with a game plan.”

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Now, Tripp says she is working to build her supply back up. “Today was much better and I’m confident that this milk factory is going to be back up and running soon,” she wrote. “In the meantime, just want to send some extra love to all you mamas out there who are going through things much harder than this. it’s so powerful when us ladies can band together and offer help in our own special way. I’m so grateful for my girl gang! #breastfeeding #taztripp #momtribe.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Tripp has opened up about some super personal issues surrounding her delivery and motherhood in general. Earlier in October, Tripp shared a very graphic (and bloody) montage birth video.

In her Instagram post for the video, Tripp shared that, initially, she “couldn’t decide whether or not to share this precious and tender moment,” but that eventually she realized that “Taz already has so much love from all of you internet aunties and uncles out there.”

Clearly, Tripp isn't afraid to share her relatable experiences with her followers—and they're often well-received. Here's to hoping her "milk factory" is up and running again ASAP.

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