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This Fitness Instructor Says Living With an Invisible Illness Means Appearing Healthy While Feeling. Sick: 'I Try to Be This Person I Think People See When They Look at Me'

This article is part of Health's series, Life Interrupted: Living With an Invisible Illness. Each month, one women will share what it's like to appear healthy on the outside while navigating daily life with a serious physical or mental health condition. Sitting on the subway is my opportunity to force my mind out …

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Doctors Thought This Woman Would Never Walk or Talk Because She Was Born With a Rare Disease-Now She's a Fitness Instructor

Our series This Is Me is about being empowered to own who you are and defy any ridiculous societal expectations of beauty. We're not here to meet your standards, we're here to break them. Show us how beautiful you are! Tag us on Instagram: @healthmagazine #ThisIsMe Hannah Setzer , This Is Me-feedingtubefitness Growing up …

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People With This Rare Mental Illness Are Convinced They're Dead—Here's What It's Like to Have It

The most common mental disorders—like anxiety, depression, and bulimia—are often under the spotlight. But many other equally complex and troubling conditions don’t get the same attention, largely because they’re very rare and more mysterious. One of these is called Cotard delusion. What is Cotard delusion, and what are the symptoms? …

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