20 Healthy Thanksgiving Sides, Recommended by a Nutritionist

For many people—myself included—the sides are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. My mouth is already watering thinking about a mound of perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts and satisfying sweet potatoes. While most holiday dishes are loaded with butter and sugar, those two ingredients aren't a requirement for a delectable dish. …

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10 High-Fiber Cereals That Can Help Keep You Regular

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients in your diet. Consuming enough of it can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease, but let's be real—it's stellar rep comes from the way it helps promote healthy digestion and keeps bowel movements regular. 10-High-Fiber-Cereals-That-Can-Help-Keep-You-Regular-According-to-Experts-GettyImages-522992212 , RD, tells Health. "This …

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Here's What a Nutritionist Recommends Ordering at Subway

Subway has had its share of nutrition-based public relations ups and downs, including a recent lawsuit claiming that the chain's tuna isn't actually tuna, which Subway denies. Tuna aside, you may be wondering if Subway is a healthy option overall. I've certainly had clients tell me they believe it's a …

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