A Woman Who Gets Butthole Cramps During Her Period Shared a TikTok Video About the Pain-and Tons of Commenters Sympathized

Pelvic cramps are a known side effect of getting your period, but it's not the only body area affected by menstruation. In fact, some women experience pain in their butt or butthole when they're on their period. Butt-Cramps-During-Your-Period-Why-Do-They-Happen-GettyImages-168586458 that's gone viral. "When you're on your '.' and feel the stab …

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This 25-Year-Old Woman Started Crying Bloody Tears While Menstruating-Here's How That Can Happen

A new case report in the British Medical Journal examines the case of a 25-year-old woman in India who sought medical attention after she noticed she was crying red tears—and the journal called it a "rare clinical entity." Woman-Cries-Red-Tears-During-Her-Period-GettyImages-132071574 According to the report, published in the journal BMJ Case Reports, …

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Feminine Hygiene Products Are Selling Out, But We Found 10 You Can Still Buy Online

Chances are, you’re all stocked up on certain essentials—like paper towels, toilet paper, groceries, cleaning products, hand sanitizer, and medications—for the next few weeks. But if you didn’t have your period while you were combing store aisles preparing to self-isolate, you may have forgotten all about feminine hygiene needs (like …

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