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Signs You Should See a Doctor for Your Dry, Itchy Eyes

There's probably no greater annoyance in life than when your eyes are irritated—the scratchiness, the redness, the blurriness. But constantly feeling like something is in your eye isn't exactly normal, and it could signal that you're dealing with a common eye condition that plagues millions of people a year. What-Is-Dry-Eye-Syndrome-Doctors-Explain-GettyImages-598327849 …

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The 5 Main Types of Glaucoma, Including the Causes and Symptoms of Each

The health of your eyes is not something to take lightly—and yet, for the most part, we don't normally pay close attention to our eye health until something is wrong. And with glaucoma specifically, once you notice symptoms, it usually means a significant amount of damage has already occurred. 5-Types-of-Glaucoma-What-to-Know-About-Each-GettyImages-668208280 …

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