10 Food Feeds You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram is a food lover’s dream! Never has it been easier to follow the culinary adventures of celebrities, chefs, your friends and complete strangers. But in a giant sea of #foodporn (29 million photos and counting!), it can be hard to find the most creative and hunger-inducing of the bunch.

We scrolled through hundreds of mouthwatering desserts, inventive entrées (sautéed sea turtle, anyone?), and more perfectly plated meals than you could eat in a lifetime to uncover the 10 best accounts to nourish your feed.

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Caroline Adobo

While homeschooling her three sons, Adobo somehow manages to find the time to make homemade sausages, corn tortillas, kale okoy (Filipino-style fritters), and whole wheat banana muffins with hazelnuts and chocolate. Not to mention the fact that she takes professional-quality photos of all her creations. Adopt us, please! Or maybe just have us over for dinner?

Follow her: @carolineadobo

mitumituko-600x450.jpg mitumituko-600×450.jpg

angela-davis-600.jpg angela-davis-600.jpg

kristen-tibballs-600x450.jpg kristen-tibballs-600×450.jpg

sweethue-600x450.jpg sweethue-600×450.jpg

julie-lee-600x450.jpg julie-lee-600×450.jpg

tucker-taylor-600x450.jpg tucker-taylor-600×450.jpg

sandra-broek-600x450.jpg sandra-broek-600×450.jpg

natassia-600x450.jpg natassia-600×450.jpg

sonya-yu-600x450.jpg sonya-yu-600×450.jpg

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