4 Workouts You Can Do Naked, if That's Your Thing

It’s well-known that nudity was the norm in the Olympic Games of ancient Greece, but since then, society has become, ahem, a little more covered up. Sure, there are nudist resorts where you can play volleyball and tennis in the buff, but sweating sans clothes isn't exactly mainstream. Well, the tide may be turning.

Here are four sports, workouts, and events you can do in your birthday suit.


In case you missed it, this past weekend was the World Naked Bike Ride. It’s exactly what you think: Thousands of participants pedaling nude (or mostly nude) in about a dozen U.S. cities and more than 20 countries around the world (that's the London event pictured above). The group's mission is to draw attention to our dependence on oil and to highlight the dangers facing cyclists and pedestrians. You can get involved here.


Bold & Naked Yoga in New York City offers coed and men's-only yoga classes that are either naked or clothed, depending on your preference. According to the website, practicing yoga naked “frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows you to be more accepting of your physical imperfections.” Check it out if you want to experience yoga on a whole new level.


If you want to run clothing-free, look no further than NudeRuns.com. From San Francisco’s notorious Bay to Breakers race to lesser-known events like the Mud, Sweat, and Boobs 2.5-mile obstacle run in Burlington, Wisconsin, this comprehensive website has the clothing-optional fun run for you.


San Diego’s Black’s Beach is famous among surfers for its impressive waves, but the rest of the world knows it as a nude beach. Though nudity is against the law in San Diego, it has persisted at this local hot spot for decades. The hike to this beach can be 2 to 3 miles long depending on your starting point, but if you want to experience a nude beach—and maybe do some surfing in the process—it's worth the trek.


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