10 Great Grilling Ideas That Make Use of Your Barbecue Skewers

From the very first time a caveman skewered a hunk of triceratops flesh and roasted it over an open flame, man has had a love affair with food served on sticks.

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  • Today, that love affair has become more public than ever, with almost every world cuisine offering some variation of punctured meat, pierced seafood or perforated vegetation. From Azerbaijani kebabs to Japanese yakitori, people everywhere can't seem to resist eating foods that have been impaled, charred, and then served on that same impaling implement.

    With that in mind, we'd like to present the following fun ideas for barbecuing on wood or metal skewers, just like the cavemen used to do when they first invented propane.

    Smashed Steak Skewers with Cherry BBQ Sauce

    Steak on a stick is already intriguing, but it's downright irresistible with cherry BBQ sauce. Try out this recipe from Michelle Tam's Nom Nom Paleo cookbook, which offers the additional catharsiss of getting to smash your food with a mallet prior to grilling.

    chickenyakitoriskewers.jpg chickenyakitoriskewers.jpg from Con Dos Palillos, featuring chunks of chicken and scallion in an addictive soy, mirin and sake marinade.

    GrilledMexicanStreetCorn.jpg GrilledMexicanStreetCorn.jpg is no exception — she even has a personal recipe for this sweet and spicy south-of-the border treat.

    porkbelly.jpg porkbelly.jpg Salar and Jeannie offer two recipes for adobo-marinated pork-belly: one with a more traditional Filipino flavor, and another with a classic BBQ bite.

    spicycharredbabyoctopus.jpg spicycharredbabyoctopus.jpg might take a bit of extra prep work, but they really pay off in taste and presentation. And let's be honest, nobody's going to forget a barbecue where they were served whole sea creatures on sticks. Get the recipe here.

    dsc_0490.jpg dsc_0490.jpg fell in love with their cuisine and vowed to recreate the experience at home. Her experiments resulted in this tender recipe for lamb kofta kebabs, an irresistible treat that goes splendidly well with a side of homemade lemony herb sauce or cool cucumber raita.

    shisitos.jpg shisitos.jpg and grab a few handfuls to grill up as appetizers or side dishes at your next cookout. "It’s just about the easiest recipe," she says of her three-ingredient dish. "And it’s so freaking good."

    tandoori2520chicken2520tikka2520naan2520bread2520recipe.jpg tandoori2520chicken2520tikka2520naan2520bread2520recipe.jpg comes from its marinade and Southeast Asian seasoning mix, but it only becomes truly special once each chunk is stabbed and set over the grill. Mark and Reese at Season With Spice like to serve their chicken in flatbread wraps, but we wouldn't blame anybody for eating it right off the skewer.

    beefsatay9.jpg beefsatay9.jpg for sirloin satay from Bee at Rasa Malaysia, and don't forget a savory side dish of peanut sauce.

    shortcakeskewers.jpg shortcakeskewers.jpg from Betsy at Betsylife, featuring two kinds of grilled fruit and toasty pound cake.

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