How Debra Messing Lost 20 Pounds Without Trying

The red-headed actress famous for her roles on "Will & Grace" and "Smash" has a healthy new outlook, and it shows.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Messsing, 45, said she overhauled her approach to food for health reasons two or three years ago. And then the darndest thing happened.

"I lost like 20 pounds, it wasn't my intention, that wasn't why I made the change," she said. "I made the change because I was just tired all the time. For a long time, I just accepted that was the plight of a working, single mother—you're juggling every day."

Messing said she grew up eating a lot of fast food and "vegetables were not a part of my life at all." So what's different now? "I'm just eating really, really clean healthy foods," she said. "Obviously I knew there was an association between what I ate and whether I gained 10 pounds or lost 10 pounds, but it never really became a reality for me that it shows on the outside in your hair and skin and even the clarity of your eyes. I was just stubborn."

The actress starts her days with a green juice made with kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, and lemon.

Messing learned a hugely important lesson: Making healthy choices a part of your daily lifestyle is beneficial for your mind AND body.

Feeling inspired? Here are even more ways to get healthier for good—and slim down in the process.

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