Gluten-Free and Missing Bagels? We Have the Recipe for You

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Or the bagel.

At least that’s what Emmy Rossum is doing in this photo, which the actress posted to Instagram with a caption referencing her gluten allergy.

people-greatideas-stacked.jpg people-greatideas-stacked.jpg

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  • “Sometimes I miss gluten so much I just need to SMELL it. #allergic #glutenfree,” Rossum wrote.

    Anyone who can’t/won’t/would rather not eat gluten might relate to the occasional craving for a soft, warm bagel (which especially hits when Sunday morning coffee, cream cheese and lox are involved!). Possible side effects include dizzily sniffing pastries, cakes and muffins.

    Luckily, there’s a cure. With a few traditional flour substitutes (including brown rice flour and tapioca flour), you can make homemade gluten-free bagels that may just curb any future brunch meltdowns — for just 175 calories each, compared to anywhere from 270-340 in a traditional carb-loaded bagel.

    Making these will also fill your kitchen with that heavenly just-baked smell. Go to town with the recipe below, from cookbook Gluten-Free 101.

    bagels-sodium-200x150.jpg bagels-sodium-200×150.jpg

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