Brooke Burke-Charvet on Health, Happiness, and Living Life to the Fullest

Our April cover star, Brooke Burke-Charvet, has the kind of life we can all aspire to. She has a loving husband, four kids, and multiple careers—the latest of which includes fitness-apparel designer and group fitness instructor. She's not only happy, she's fit and fabulous at 42.

All this is possible because of her work ethic. She credits her trim figure to her workout routine, which she calls the Booty Burn. She says, "I'm super devoted to it. I work to fatigue. I work to burn… Sometimes 30 seconds [per move] is enough on some days. But it's really about pushing yourself to the burn… and working hard every time you work out."

In this video, she tells us about working out, her top tips for healthy living, and the things that make her happiest.

She shows some love for Health, too: "It's such an inspirational magazine. And for me, health and fitness is a huge part of my lifestyle. I'm just so proud to be able to share my tips and hopefully inspire women."

Watch this video to go behind the scenes of Brooke's cover shoot:

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