48-Year-Old Shania Twain's Anti-Aging Secrets

Shania Twain in 2013. Courtesy of Fox News Magazine/Reuters

There’s a reason why Shania Twain is hailed as “the most beautiful woman in country.”

At age 48, the award-winning singer, who has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide, has also garnered another major achievement: She never gets any older.

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  • The sultry brunette continues to strut in thigh-high boots and glittering catsuits on stage and is expected to do just that at her Las Vegas residency that kicks off in May. But lately, she’s wowing audiences worldwide for simply looking stunning.

    And what’s Twain’s secret to looking so slim and youthful? Her regimen isn’t exactly an easy one for fans to follow.

    Twain follows a no-nonsense, carb-free vegetarian diet.

    “I stick to a mixture of real raw, whole-food items, every day,” Twain told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I make sure I’m eating greens every day, and nuts, and food that’s not processed. I do that every day. If you end up eating breads and rice and pasta to satisfy yourself, then you’re probably not necessarily eating healthier. You might be sparing yourself some of the downsides of eating meat. But you’re not necessarily benefiting yourself by eating the starch.”

    Twain's also got some unusual advice on skincare.

    Back in 2000, People Magazine dished that the Grammy-winning singer soothes her skin with a product made for milking cows — Bag Balm, first created in 1899 and originally used to “soothe cows’ irritated udders.”

    “When my skin is really dry, I’ll rub it over my face and on my hair and leave it there all day,” the Ontario native told Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

    Whatever she's doing, it's clearly working, as evidenced by the photos below:

    To see what we mean, check out the photos at Fox News Magazine.
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