Michelle Obama Brings Exercise and Kale Chips to "The Tonight Show"

The famously fit Michelle Obama—she of the fabulous arms, organic gardens, and the Let’s Move! campaign for kids—brought her health tips to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and we heartily approve.

FLOTUS took part in Fallon's famous "Ew!" sketch with both the host and Will Ferrell. (In case you're not familiar, Fallon plays a teenage girl named Sara with blond curls and braces who says that practically everything is "eww.")

Obama said that she tries to exercise every day, to which Ferrell’s character supplied a reply not unfamiliar to many people in the U.S. “Really? Because I think exercise is eww.”

Her reply? "Exercise is NOT eww. You just have to find an activity that's right for you. For example, I like to dance, play tennis, and even do some push-ups."

And then they had a dance party. She also offered the guys—err, girls—kale chips instead of potato chips.

This wasn't Obama's first Fallon sketch. She previously starred in "The Evolution of Mom Dancing," another must-watch.

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