4 Foods That Help You Get Pregnant

Thinking about having a baby in the near future? Research suggests there’s a link between what we eat and how hard it might be to get pregnant. Here are the items that could up your odds:

Olive oil
Women in one study who ate high levels of monounsaturated fat (comprising about 25% of their daily calories) were about four times as likely to give birth via IVF as those who ate the least.

Having a high intake of animal protein led to a 39% greater likelihood of infertility in a 2008 Harvard study. The solution is simple: Swap your steak for plant-based proteins, such as soy, beans, and nuts, as much as possible.

Brown rice
High glycemic-index foods (think breakfast cereals,
white rice, and potatoes) are associated with a larger risk of infertility, while low glycemic-index foods (like brown rice, pasta, and dark bread) lower your risk, according to a 2009 Harvard study.

Ice cream
Women who consume at least one daily serving of whole milk are more than 50% less likely to experience infertility than women who consume fewer than one serving of whole milk per week, according to a 2007 Harvard study. Finally, an excuse to indulge! (Just limit yourself to one serving—too much saturated and trans fat in one’s diet is also linked to infertility.)

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