How to Rock Orange Lips Like a Star

When actress Claire Danes made her entrance at the recent Producers Guild Awards, she trotted out a fiery new look.

The 34-year-old star is among one of many Hollywood celebs rocking the latest beauty trend heating up the runways: bold orange lipstick. While a classic red pout will never go out of style, many Spring 2014 collections from couture designers feature models with lips painted in shades of juicy tangerine and melon. Beauty experts say the look has spread from the red carpet to the streets.

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  • “I love that Claire Danes wore something a little different,” says makeup artist Amanda Shackleton, who has worked for Vogue and Glamour. “We’ve been doing orange shades on models for a while now in the fashion industry. Now that celebs are wearing it, it’s starting a new trend. It’s a major do, but the one thing to keep in mind, just like choosing a red color, is the undertone. Anyone can wear orange, whether it’s a warmer hue for medium to deeper skin tones, or a cooler orange color for lighter skin tones.”

    “Shades of orange look good on women of any age, but should match that person’s style,” adds Shackleton. “For example, if you are very fashion conscious, go with a bolder, matte color. It’s more editorial looking.”

    Still hesitant on whether you should drop the cherry red for some citrus instead? Here are some major dos and don’ts for electrifying your look with a touch of orange:

    Keep it Light
    Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Vanessa Elese was wowed by actress Jessica Alba’s take on the juicy trend. Instead of going bold, Alba chose to enhance her old Hollywood look with a lighter version, making her golden skin naturally glow. “If orange is too daring for you, try opting for a sheerer version to add the flavor of the trend while still remaining true to your personality,” suggests Elese. “Try a melon shade in a creamy matte formula. Gently apply the color then blot with your finger. This helps settle the color combination into your natural lip tint, making it a touch less shocking.”

    Have All Eyes on You
    Shackleton prefers starlet Kate Bosworth’s rich, luminous lipstick, which kept all eyes on her without going overboard with excess makeup. “It’s all about keeping the eyes fresh and minimal, while focusing on the lips so it looks modern, yet classic,” she stresses. Keep skin dewy and smooth by pairing your look with simple black eyeliner, volumizing mascara, and not much else.

    Take Note of Your Skin
    Beauty experts agree that the key to finding your perfect orange lipstick is taking tone of your skin. “Warmer skin tones, like Solange Knowles, look fabulous in hues of tangerine, while cooler, fairer skin tones, like that on Scarlett Johansson, look better in watermelon and coral based tones,” explains Los Angeles-based makeup artist Annie Tevelin, founder of SkinOwl skincare. “Cool skin should opt for blue based tones, while warmer skin tones should opt for yellow based tones.” A simple way to find out whether you’re really cool or warm? Look at the veins on your wrists. Those with green veins are on the warmer side and ladies with blue veins are cool.

    “Bold colors can show every line and crack on your lips,” says beauty expert Hilary Kennedy. “Exfoliate with a little sugar and honey, and rinse before applying your favorite orange shade.”

    Explore Different Varieties
    Orange shades are currently available in a variety of stains, tints, mattes, and creams, so don’t be afraid to explore which one is best for you. And when it comes to your couture, you can always go for a simple, yet head-turning look that will complement your makeup. “(Actress) Lupita Nyong'o rocked this look from head to toe at the recent Golden Globes with the orange-red hued stunning gown and the sheer orange lip to match,” says Elese.

    Play it Safe
    Don’t want to commit to a bold orange lipstick shade? Keep it safe any time with a sheer gloss or balm with a hint of color that can be easily swiped on. This also suits women of any age.

    Use Proper Tools
    Just like with classic red, an orange pout needs careful application to look its very best. Instead of applying directly from the tube, it’s recommended to use a lip brush, which will give you more control of how much of the product is used. Also, keep the makeup flawless with a lip liner, will which define your mouth and ensure that the product stays in place.

    Consider Other Shades
    “Nothing looks prettier with orange than an opposite color,” says Kennedy. “Cobalt, navy, and turquoise are beautiful shades that should be worn on your fingers and toes.” This trick can also be applied to your wardrobe and paired with nude nails to elongate the fingers.

    Try a Universally Flattering Hue
    Think orange is too bright for your personal taste? A safer, yet equally gorgeous color anyone can wear is coral, which experts say is universally flattering and is like wearing an electrified version of red.

    • Make Sure Skin is Smooth
    • Be warned, the shine from orange lipstick can also draw attention to redness and imperfections on the skin. To easily solve this problem, it’s important to use a light-to-medium coverage from a creamy foundation or concealer to keep your features flawless and glowing in all the right places.
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