Recipe of the Day: Miso Chicken with Brown Rice

‘Healthy Chinese food’ is somewhat of an oxymoron — and for good reason. Even when we avoid the obvious no-nos (fried wontons anyone?) the average takeout menu is mired with potential diet landmines.

For example, take chicken and vegetables. On its own, this ubiquitous entree item is harmless. But drowned in sugary sauce and piled high with white rice? Not so much.

Enter: our healthier chicken and veggies. The rice is still there, but it’s brown – a fiber-rich, better-for-you option. And while the sauce maintains a distinctively Asian flavor (it’s made with soy sauce, ginger, and miso) it’s low in sugar and calories. Factor in 36 grams of protein for under 400 calories and you’ve got a power meal.

Like actual takeout, this tastes even yummier the next day –pack up the leftovers for an easy work lunch!

Ingredients: miso, ginger, chicken breast, garlic cloves, eggs, onions, carrots, cooking spray, fish sauce, brown rice, mushrooms, parsley, green onions, low-sodium soy sauce, spinach

Try this recipe: Miso Chicken with Brown Rice

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