Recipe of the Day: Light French Onion Soup

Piping hot French onion soup is a wintertime classic, the perfect antidote to those bone-chilling January nights. Problem is, restaurant versions aren’t exactly nutritious — in fact, they’re usually topped with enough bread and melted cheese to serve three people. Even more offensive? These calorie bombs are usually listed as appetizers.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Our lightened-up recipe clocks in at only 307 calories, while serving up a respectable 18 grams of protein.

No worries, we haven't completely eliminated the gooey topping. We just altered the proportions a bit, resulting in a bread-to-cheese-to broth-ratio that's actually reasonable.

You may even prefer this version, since it allows you to savor the fragrant broth underneath. Bon Appetit!

Ingredients: spanish onions, flour, chicken stock, butter, sugar, olive oil, sherry, reduced-sodium soy sauce, French baguette, Gruyere cheese, black pepper, salt

Try this recipe: Light French Onion Soup

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