3 Fitness Goals to Aim for in 2014

It's almost the first of January, so you might be thinking about what you want to accomplish in the new year, including some fitness goals.

In the past, you might have thought some of your potential fitness goals were too overwhelming or out of reach, but it's a new year and your motivation is at its peak, so there's no better time than now to commit to one or two (or more!) fitness goals in 2014.

That said, here are three that you might want to accomplish this year!

Run a half (or full) marathon
Whether you're a beginner or more seasoned runner, committing yourself to tackling a 13.1 or 26.2 miles might be a daunting fitness goal for the new year. But if you start preparing now with regular runs and scoping out potential races, you'll be ready and confident when your training officially begins. To help get you started, check out these helpful running posts: How to Start Running, 12 Tips for Running Farther, 6 Tips for Training for Your First Half Marathon.

Try CrossFit
You've probably heard of CrossFit, right? If not, it's one of the hottest workouts at the moment and will likely continue to grow in popularity in 2014. Are you thinking about trying it yourself? CrossFit is an exciting way to work out that will get you into great shape quickly. The exercises are constantly varied (think: Burpees, box jumps, and rope climbs) and the high intensity of the workouts will challenge and push you so much harder than you normally would exercising by yourself. Want a taste of what CrossFit is all about? Try this Full-Body, CrossFit-Inspired Workout!

Stick to a regular yoga routine
Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, but for a lot of us, our regular practice falls by the wayside once life gets busy. In addition to keeping you fit, yoga helps you stress less and sleep better, so you'd think it would be an easy habit to keep. This year, commit to yoga by scheduling it into your regular weekly workouts. It might take a little getting use to, but once it becomes a habit, your mind and body will thank you and you won't let it slip out of your regular routine again.

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