No Excuses Anymore

Jaclyn Fehringer, 34, 5'10"Before: 220 lbs. (size 18)My weight problem started with motherhood: I had four kids in six years, and the back-to-back pregnancies made it difficult to shed the baby pounds—not to mention that taking care of my children (at one point, I had three in diapers!) left me drained. Still, it wasn't until I was buying shorts in the summer of 2010 that I realized how heavy I was. I started my try-ons with a size 12 and didn't find a pair that fit until I got up to size 18! That was it: I had to take back control of my body.


My first step? Signing up for Nutrisystem. The program gave me structure, something that had been missing from my life. I no longer had to plan what to eat—everything was laid out in right-size portions, helping me do away with double dinners. Within 2½ months, I was down 25 pounds. Slipping into clothes that I had given up hope of ever wearing again was just the motivation I needed to stick with it.

jaclyn-after jaclyn-after and let us know what diet and fitness strategies worked for you.

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