Outsmart Jet Lag With These Healthy Travel Tips

I traveled a lot this year. I visited Oahu, Hawaii, drove all over Ireland, and enjoyed a fitness-inspired vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Let's just say, it was one amazing and adventurous year!

Not surprisingly, all of that travel typically left me pretty tired, especially when my internal clock was on Boston time, but my body was somewhere else.

Instead of letting jet lag sabotage my healthy habits while I am traveling, I help adjust my internal clock with these few tricks!

5-sleep-travel-time-zone-400x400.jpg 5-sleep-travel-time-zone-400×400.jpg by going to sleep a little bit earlier, for example, and changing up my normal routine, so my body isn't totally confused when I arrive at my destination.

Stay hydrated
A day or two before I travel, I typically boost my intake of water, so I'm fully hydrated when I travel. When I am dehydrated, I often feel lethargic, which is no way to start a busy day of travel. Additionally, I will typically avoid alcohol, which can also disrupt sleep, until I arrive at my destination.

Make your first meal healthy
When I arrive at my final destination, I make sure my very first meal is really nutritious, so it sets a healthy tone for the rest of my visit. If I start indulging right away, it will inevitably lead to me overdoing it and coming home a few pounds heavier, which, of course, is not a fun way to end a

Exercise outside
Being outside in the daylight wakes me up and gives me energy, so when I travel, I like to exercise outside, such as going for a brisk walk to explore my surroundings or a quick 3-mile jog before breakfast. Being outside in the sunlight helps me get acclimated to the new time zone.

Pick up the intensity of your workouts
Similarly, when I exercise, I like to pick up the intensity of my workout, which boosts my energy and helps me recover more quickly from jet lag. I like to add sprinting intervals to my runs or Burpees to a workout to pump me up and get my body back on track!

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