Foodie Friday: A Taste-Test of Sweet Leaf Tea

Whether it's iced or hot, the benefits of tea are plentiful, from helping to boost immunity to reducing heart attack risk.

Sweet Leaf Tea sent us 5 of their iced teas, including sweetened and unsweetened tea, green tea, and fruit flavored (raspberry, peach, and lemon). They also have two kinds of diet tea.

On the bottom of each cap, this tea company includes a few "words of wisdom" from Granny, the face of Sweet Leaf Tea and inspiration for all the tea creations.

The Lemon Iced Tea was the fan favorite, with just a hint of lemon flavor and not too sweet for our tastes. The Half & Half Lemonade Tea, a combination of iced tea and lemonade, was our second favorite. The only downside was that it had the highest calorie and sugar count out of all the teas we tried. We agreed the Peach Iced Tea was a bit too peachy, and Lemon & Lime needed a bit more flavor—it just seemed a bit bland for our taste buds.

Sweet Leaf Tea nutritional information:

*There are about 2.5 servings per 16-ounce bottle.

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