How to Make a Bowl of Cereal More Satisfying

I love eating a bowl of cereal with milk as a meal or snack, but I swear no matter how big I make my serving, I find myself hungry just a few hours later.

I know cereal is a healthy option for breakfast or as an afternoon snack as long as it's made with whole grains and low in sugar, so I've found a number of ways to make my usually wimpy bowl more satisfying. I hope these tips help you, too!

whole-grain-cereal-400x400.jpg whole-grain-cereal-400×400.jpg , which fills you up without adding a lot of calories. My favorites are sliced banana, fresh berries, and chopped apple. Been there, done that with those fruits? Try canned pineapple, fresh figs, sliced peaches, or chunks of mango in your bowl of cereal.

Get nutty
Another simple way to add some substance to your bowl of cereal is by tossing in some whole or chopped nuts. The protein and healthy fats have staying power that will keep you satisfied long after breakfast. For a fun cereal addition, try adding a handful of trail mix. The nuts, dried fruit, and seeds will keep your taste buds guessing while helping to fill you up at the same time!

Upgrade your milk
If you typically use non-fat milk or
almond milk in your cereal bowl, you are missing out on some satisfying protein and fat. A serving of soymilk has 6g of protein and 4g of fat (0.5g saturated fat) and 2% cow's milk has 8g of protein and 5g of fat (3g saturated fat). Both of these options will add some serious satiety to your bowl!

Look for high fiber
Fiber fills you up, so be sure to look for a cereal with at least 6g of fiber per serving, such as Post Shredded Wheat or Kashi Go Lean Crunch. A fiber-rich cereal with soy milk, sliced banana, and a small handful of almonds is sure to keep you satisfied for hours!

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