All Day, Every Day! Save 100+ Calories at Every Single Meal

Cutting calories doesn't have be a confusing battle. Whether it's morning, noon, or night, these helpful swaps will make a big difference in your total calorie count for the day. It might be difficult at first, but with time you'll find that these switches feel like second nature. Make one at every meal, and you'll be saving over well over 400 calories a day!

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At Breakfast

  • Save 104 calories: Skip two cooked sausage patties (170 calories) with your eggs, and eat two ounces of smoked salmon (66 calories).
  • Save 113 calories: Instead of pouring two tablespoons of honey (128 calories) on your yogurt, top things off with one-fourth cup fresh blueberries (15 calories) for a little sweetness.
  • Save 114 calories: Instead of one-half cup of all-natural granola (280 calories), opt for one cup of oatmeal (166 calories).
  • Save 139 calories: Skip two tablespoons of Coffeemate (150 calories), and try two tablespoons of skim milk (11 calories).
  • Save 165 calories: Instead of starting the day with a plain bagel (285 calories), opt for an English muffin (120 calories).

At Lunch

  • Save 104 calories: Instead of spreading three ounces of honey-mustard dressing (119 calories) on your sandwich, try three teaspoons of Dijon mustard (15 calories).
  • Save 107 calories: Instead of one-half cup crushed Oyster crackers (147 calories) on your favorite chili, add three tablespoons low-fat shredded cheddar (36 calories) and two tablespoons fresh chopped scallions (4 calories).
  • Save 112 calories: Instead of dressing your salad with three tablespoons of Italian dressing (128 calories), opt for four tablespoons of lemon juice (15 calories) with one-fourth teaspoon dried oregano (1 calorie) and one-fourth teaspoon dried basil (less than 1 calorie) for a similar flavor.
  • Save 126 calories: Instead of two slices of cheddar cheese (226 calories), enjoy two slices of low-fat Swiss cheese (100 calories).
  • Save 180 calories: Since one flour tortilla has (190 calories), enjoy all your favorite burrito fillings on three ounces of shredded lettuce (10 calories) for a taco salad.

At Snack Time

  • Save 109 calories: Instead of a tiny order of french fries (267 calories), snack on a serving of unsalted tortilla chips (138 calories) and two ounces of fresh pico de gallo salsa (20 calories).
  • Save 114 calories: Instead of 15 classic potato chips (160 calories), snack on one and one-half cups air-popped popcorn (46 calories).
  • Save 122 calories: Instead snacking on cheese with 15 Ritz crackers (240 calories), get crunching on one cup of fresh apple slices (118 calories).
  • Save 123 calories: Instead of one full-size Snickers bar (250 calories), enjoy two fun-size Three Musketeers bars (127 calories).

At Happy Hour

  • Save 100 calories: All you have to do is swap out your drink's tonic water (100 calories) for a bottle of club soda (0 calories).
  • Save 110 calories: Instead of six ounces of margarita mix (163 calories) with one jigger of tequila (96 calories), sip on a classic mojito (149 calories).
  • Save 127 calories: Instead of one bottle of classic Budweiser (182 calories), sip on a bottle or can of Budweiser Select 55 (55 calories).
  • Save 152 calories: Instead of one frozen strawberry daiquiri (250 calories), sip on a vodka soda (64 calories) with a splash of cranberry juice (34 calories).

At Dinner

  • Save 92 calories: Skip the four ounces of alfredo sauce (189 calories) on your pasta, and enjoy almost twice as much (seven ounces!) marinara sauce (97 calories).
  • Save 103 calories: Instead of serving your favorite stir-fry over one cup of brown rice (216 calories), serve it over one cup of soba noodles (113 calories).
  • Save 190 calories: Instead of splitting an order of fried calamari (286 calories), share a shrimp cocktail appetizer with cocktail sauce (95 calories).
  • Save 250 calories: A typical sushi roll is served with one cup of white rice (267 calories); ask for your sushi to be wrapped in cucumber (17 calories) instead.
  • Save 280 calories: Quit eating your share of deep-dish pizza (640 calories), and order thin-crust pizza (360 calories) instead.

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