Behind the Scenes: Julianne Moore on Healthy Living

Julianne Moore, four-time Oscar nominee and Health cover model, chatted with us about parenthood, yoga, and much more in our November issue.

And in this video, the busy actress (she stars in the new remake of Carrie) and mom of two shares her top tips for healthy living. One crucial move? Choosing the right food.

"That's the one thing that makes me feel better," she says. "When you really eat well, when you're really careful about what you're eating, when you don't eat a lot of flour, when you don't eat a lot of sugar, you actually feel better."

A yoga aficionado, she finds that healthy eating even seems to help her flexibility.

And if she could sum up the secret of her success? It's perseverance, she says, and that's the advice she gives to young actors trying to break into the business–stick with it.

"I don't think you can ever take it for granted," she says. "I think you have to approach it with a certain humility, and keep working, keep looking for material, and keep sticking around."

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