Gonna Make You Sweat: 5 Days of Full-Body Workouts

Need a little fitness motivation this week? Well, look no further!

Here are five full-body workouts that will tone your muscles from head to toe and everything in between. These range from a quick-yet-intense CrossFit workout to a longer, 30-minute running-focused regimen, so each one is a little different. The variety of movements and rep schemes are sure to keep you motivated all week long!

No matter which workout you decide to do first, try to tackle all five of them this week for a full-body fitness challenge. You won't regret it.

lunge-row-400x400.jpg lunge-row-400×400.jpg
Don’t have a lot of time to exercise? Try this 10-minute HIIT workout. All you need are your sneakers, a stopwatch, a bench or chair, and a little bit of space. Ready? Go!

CrossFit-Inspired Workout
CrossFit is all the rage right now, and it seems like everyone is doing it. If you want to see what CrossFit is all about, try this WOD (“Workout of the Day”), which will give you a full body workout in just 10 minutes.

15-Minute Playground Workout
If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a workout, this one is for you. It takes place at an outdoor playground, so it's a guaranteed fun time!

Double Tabata Workout
Have you ever heard of a Tabata? It's a great way to maximize your workout if you’re short on time. You can do it in just 15 minutes, but this workout will definitely get your heart pumping and burn calories!

30-Minute Running Workout
Love to run? This workout maximizes your time by combining heart-pumping running intervals with muscle-strengthening exercises to fire up you metabolism and torch some serious calories!

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