4 Power Snacks Trainers Love

Don't let your appetite catch you off guard. Fuel up with these hunger-killing munchies favored by the country's top trainers.

Sardines "I turned Jessica Alba on to these years ago on the set of Into the Blue," says Ramona Braganza, who also works with Halle Berry. Braganza also likes sardines with toast. "They have loads of calcium and fish oil, and they promote youthful-looking skin."

Greek yogurt with berries Yogurt packs protein and calcium; berries add antioxidants, says Harley Pasternak, who has a master's in nutritional sciences and has worked with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Hilary Duff. Clients consider it a go-to snack.

22 Days nutrition bar "This is the best-tasting and most nutritious protein bar," says Los Angeles trainer Michelle Lovitt, who recommends it to shapely stars like Yvonne Strahovski. "It's the perfect recovery meal after a workout."

Almonds and apples "Crunchy foods are really satisfying," notes New York City-based trainer David Kirsch. This combo, which he suggests to the likes of Heidi Klum and Kate Upton, delivers good fat, protein and fiber, which helps keep food longings at bay.


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