How Miss America Stays in Shape


For those of us already embracing the comforts and concealment fall clothing offers, standing in a bikini in front of a panel of judges and millions of TV viewers might sound like a nightmare.

But for Nina Davuluri, it was all part of making her dream of being Miss America a reality.

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  • Now that she's constantly on the road, the newly-crowned Davuluri makes sure to find time to squeeze in her fitness routine. (And we thought we were busy!)

    When she stopped by FOX News Magazine, we asked her to share some of her get-fit tips.

    Embrace New (Fitness) Opportunities

    When Davuluri won the Miss New York competition, she had to quickly relocate to New York City to start preparing for the Miss America competition. "My workout routine really changed," Davuluri says. When she arrived in NYC, she did a lot of Barry's Bootcamp, CrossFit, Bikram Yoga and Flywheel classes. "Really for me it was changing it up and having fun with it," she explains.

    Diet Counts

    Exercise is one thing, but what you're eating is "90 percent of the battle," Davuluri says.

    "I travel 20,000 miles a month, and am in no place for more than 48 hours, so for me a large part of it is going to be maintaining the healthy diet and making the healthy choices because that's the first and most important thing," Davuluri says.

    Find Something that Works For You

    When you're schedule is as packed at Miss America's, it helps to be able to multi-task.

    "I loved CrossFit," Davuluri says. "It's your strength training and cardio and everything all in one hour and then you're done and you don't have to think about it afterwards."

    When she's on the road, Davuluri says she's going to be sure to squeeze in a workout wherever she can. "I have my Jillian Michaels DVD that I'll be working out in my hotel rooms," she says with a laugh.
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