Time For Yoga: Mass Yoga "Wave" Around the World Today

As National Yoga Month comes to a close, people around the world are encouraged to practice yoga today at 7 p.m. local time as part of Time for Yoga, a mass yoga “wave” around the globe.

The Yoga Health Foundation organized the event as a way to encourage people to take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour a day to stop the hustle and bustle of life and practice yoga. (There is something empowering about the thought of people around the world doing yoga in a mass wave.)

Yoga is a great exercise for overall physical and mental health. It can help build your strength, lengthen your muscles, boost metabolism, and also help soothe stress.

If you're not exactly the most flexible, or are having difficulty deciding between the different types of yoga, here are a few beginner tips to get started and get involved in Time for Yoga.

  • Do yoga outside to get fresh air and connect with nature.
  • Grab a few friends and create your own workout. Agree on a location, how long you'll practice, and choose the poses you feel comfortable with. Even add your own music to the workout!


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