Thirsty Thursday: The Golden Apple

September is a month of cool mornings and warm afternoons, and there's a distinct back-to-school feeling in the air (even for the adult set).

And the perfect drink for this time of year just might be the Golden Apple. This cocktail’s star ingredient, Calvados, is a dark apple brandy imported from Normandy (but available in most liquor stores). That, plus the sparkling cider and fresh apples give it a warm aroma that's unabashedly autumnal.

Our recipe makes enough to serve 30, so it may be best to cut the proportions in half. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, garnish with red apple and host 30 of your closest friends to celebrate the official first day of fall (Sunday!)

Ingredients: vodka, Calvados, sparkling cider, red apple slices

Calories: 97

Try this recipe: The Golden Apple

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