5 Tips for National Run at Work Day

Instead of running late to work, why not make the time to actually run to work? This week (Friday to be exact) is the Road Runners Club of America’s National Run at Work Day, meant to encourage workplaces to set aside 30 minutes a day for physical activity. (There's also the National Run at School Day, also on Sept. 20 , to encourage schools to promote exercise during breaks and recess.)

Some workplaces and schools are getting in on the action, by scheduling events for workers or students. For example, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Anchorage is offering a 5K run or 1-mile walk along trail near their office, followed by a potluck lunch, according to Andy Smith, program coordinator for Road Runners Club of America’s. And the Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Glen Burnie, Md. is kicking things off with a pre-school run around the building, and then at recess, students can participate in a cross country course, where each runner will receive a medal.

“The biggest tip we offer is to plan an event that works for your office or school,” says Smith.

The Road Runners Club of America offers free planning and promotion kits for companies and schools to use, that includes ideas and guidelines, free promotional posters, sample press releases, and more.

Not a runner? That’s OK! Take a walk instead. And, if you’re a beginner runner, don’t forget about some important essentials, like flexible, comfortable running shoes, and comfortable, protective exercise attire. We recently reviewed the Brooks Equilibrium Fabric apparel, including the Racerback II top, which was light, breathable, fights odors (good if you’re running to work!) and features a Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF) of 40+ to help protect against damaging rays.

Brooks also shared their top 5 tips to get your workplace involved this National Run at Work Day:

1. Run to work in the morning (Tip: Bring in work clothes and a refresh kit the day before so you are fully prepared)
2. Run during lunch or to/from lunch (Tip: Make sure you pack your running gear and have enough time to refresh)
3. Park and run into work for a shorter run if you live far away (Tip: Bring in work clothes and a refresh kit the day before so you are fully prepared)
4. Run home from work (Tip: Make sure you bring your running gear to work in the morning)
5. Run to your meetings (Tip: Use the excuse you’re running late and speed to your meeting)

Use the hashtag #runatwork on Twitter to share your experience on National Run at Work Day, and see what other people are doing to get involved.

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