Thirsty Thursday: Wake-Up Smoothie

People like to complain about the beginning of the work week, but it's Thursdays that can really drag. That refreshed Monday feeling is long gone, yet Friday afternoon is still just out of reach. To get through the day, your first impulse may be to down cup after cup of coffee, but why not whip up an energizing smoothie instead?

Our ‘wake-up’ smoothie will definitely up the ante at breakfast. And for early risers, it can make an awesome post-workout snack.

An iced-coffee base provides that extra boost you're looking for, while protein-rich yogurt works to fill you up and repair sore muscles. Our recipe also calls for cinnamon, guaranteed to keep your metabolism humming throughout the day. It's also a winner in the taste department — the thick and creamy texture will definitely satisfy those Frappuccino cravings, all the while keeping fat and calories in check.

So finish the week on a high note – you'll be heading out for happy hour before you know it!

Try this recipe: Wake-Up Smoothie

Ingredients: chilled coffee, coffee low-fat frozen yogurt, almond milk, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, ice cubes

Calories: 260

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