Move of the Day: Lifted Triangle

Two of the most dreaded words when it comes to women's bodies? Love handles. If you want to want to get rid of that flab around your waist, try this workout move. It will flatten your belly and strengthen your midsection in no time!

How to do it: Start with your legs strong and your belly engaged. Inhale and reach both hands forward. Bend the right knee and reach the right shoulder toward it, then straighten your right leg as you raise back up (see photo). Then, bend and straighten two more times, then turn your chest toward the ground and fold over the straightened right leg; hold for five breaths. Inhale as you bend both knees, and return to plank position. Hold for one breath.

Repeat on the opposite side to complete one set. Then repeat for 2 more sets.

Try this move: Lifted Triangle

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