Move of the Day: The Kicking Airplane

With fall right around the corner, your workout motivation may start to spiral downwards. Don't let it! Just because you're going to be wearing more clothing doesn't mean you should layer on the pounds too. Use this move to work the butt, legs, abs, and to help increase your balance.

How to do it: Standing with your right leg bent slightly, lift your left leg in back of you, as high as you comfortably can. Raise both arms out to the side. Bring the left knee toward your chest, and crunch your body toward your knee while squatting down slightly with your right leg. Simultaneously, make fists in front of your face. Next, raise your torso and kick the left leg behind you to complete the rep.

Do 10 reps with your left leg, then switch sides and repeat. Continue for 2 minutes.

Trainer tip: For help balancing, hold on to the back of a chair.

Try this move: The Kicking Airplane
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