3 Ways to Make Guests Feel at Home From Ali Larter

Health magazine cover model, Ali Larter loves to entertain. Here, she shares 3 tips for making guests feel at home.

1. Lose the shoes.
"If you're wearing a dress, sometimes being barefoot makes you approachable. Everyone immediately feels more relaxed," Larter says.

2. Give 'em jobs.
"I ask people to help me in the kitchen, to engage them. It could be to chop fennel. Or, if I'm whipping cream, we pass the bowl around and everyone takes a turn."

3. Break the ice.
"Putting questions in a hat and passing it around is a great conversation starter. 'Who is the great love of your life?' is a big one: You don't always get the right answers!

Read our cover story with Ali Larter to learn more about her new cookbook, Kitchen Revelry, her healthy eating secrets, and why she calls herself the "bad-girl Martha Stewart."

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