On a Diet? How Friends Can Help Control Cravings

Sinful dessert calling your name? Fight off temptation with a little help from your BFFs.

A recent Duke University study found that folks lacking in self-control gravitate toward those who are more disciplined. “People could potentially benefit by mimicking their friends’ behavior,” says study author Catherine Shea, PhD.

So if you tend to waver, let your more resolute pals guide you toward doing the right thing—whether it’s making sound menu selections when you’re meeting for lunch or avoiding a splurge when you’re shoe shopping together. Of course, you can’t always have your buddies on hand, but Shea says the effect works remotely, too.

“When you feel your willpower slipping, reach out to one of your friends for advice,” she suggests.

Call or text a pal, or simply think about what she would do or say if she were there—that little pause might be all you need in order to make a smarter choice.

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