Thirsty Thursday: Peach-Rasberry Tequila Sunrise

Summer is winding down and beach days, AC addictions, and melting makeup will soon be a distant memory. So now’s the time to complete that summer bucket list, get outside, and enjoy the sunshine. And the perfect drink to sip as you savor? It just might be this healthier version of a tequila sunrise.

When you order one of these drinks at a bar or restaurant, you'll likely be served a combo of orange juice and grenadine. Avoid the guaranteed sugar crash (and a major hangover) with our fruit-based sunrise, made with a bit of orange juice, but also peaches and raspberries.

While the orangey-pink hue looks like the original, the nutritional stats have been upgraded. Plus, it’s just one more way to celebrate August, National Peach Month.

Ingredients: rasberries, sliced peeled peaches, orange juice, peach nectar, water, sugar, fresh lime, ice cubes

Calories: 147

Try this recipe: Peach-Rasberry Tequila Sunrise

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