Recipe of the Day: Honey-Chile-Ginger Grilled Chicken and Peach Salad

This 35-minute recipe is as good as it looks, and it looks good!

This salad packs a bunch of delicious ingredients into a healthy meal, including corn, which is sweet, low in calories and high in fiber, and roasted peaches, which supply a robust and irresistible flavor.

If you haven't tried Sriracha, here's your chance. The spicy, chile sauce adds a big kick to the salad. So, if you're not a fan of spice, make sure to use less of it.

Try this delicious, 325-calorie meal today.

Ingredients: honey, ginger, Sriracha, canola oil, skinless boneless chicken breast, cooking spray, salt, corn, peaches, watercress.

Try this recipe: Honey-Chile-Ginger Grilled Chicken and Peach Salad

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