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Tired of being tired? Jessica Postigo was. After switching careers, going from on-the-go film producer to the more-sedentary role of screenwriter, the 36-year-old from Los Angeles began to feel lethargic. “I knew I needed to do something,” she says. “I wanted my energy back.”

That kind of funk probably sounds familiar, whether youre moving in slow-mo or frazzled from juggling work, family, and friends. And, with the energy-sapping holidays ahead, your fatigue-and-crankiness quotient is bound to go up.

Yes, its true: Feeling tired not only robs you of productivity and pleasure, it also can make you a real … well, lets just say the word rhymes with witch. And its no wonder women seem more likely than men to crash and get cranky: studies show that they sleep less, stress more, and do more multitasking than men (surprise, surprise).

Want to fight the funk and fatigue? Weve gathered some twists on those tried-and-true ways to put pep back in your step (like exercising, eating right, and stressing less) along with some tips that might surprise you (like taking a shower or bath before bedtime for a deeper, healthier sleep). So arm yourself for the holidays and beyond with these simple strategies for instant energy. In no time flat, youll be catching your second wind—and then some.

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